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    I recently review an older 1950’s home that has undergone a number of upgrades and extensions over the years. The house has been extended out from each of the 4 original walls. Instead of continuing with wooden floor on piles the extensions have been on a concrete pad. This means the now edge of the house is sounded by concrete with a hollow under floor boxed in. This boxed in area is about 200 sq. … Yeh I know what you are thinking if the old original house is 200 sq then how big is the house now. Well its big.

    THE PROBLEM: The original house is Matia Tongue & Groove. We have rising damp, and draughts. The owner has cut a hole in the floor to get access. We can lay a Vapour barrier which the client has authorised. The client is very aware of the drafts and wants to deal with them cost effectively. While have have suggested underfloor insulation ( semi Rigid). This will get done at some point I believe.

    The client is just about to have the carpet replaced and asked me the virtues of putting a vapour barrier in between the floorboards and underlay. The aim of course is to stop the drafts. I have concerns with sweating and therefore some long term consequence. Is anyone able to give me some foresight is this a daft idea or would it make sense


    Ian Mayes

    Hi Phil,

    questions and comments , how is the subfloor space ventilated. It will need some. If there is rigid poly insulation well installed, this should stop a lot of the draughts. I would absolutly NOT put a vapour barrier there for the same concerns.CONDENSATION. With good insulation, the right amount of air movement( not a howling gale or no air movement)and carpet and underlay , they should be pretty good.
    There is the possibility of putting down hardboard, which would be pretty airtight but moisture permiable. But as i say above , shouldn’t really be neccesary. Hope these non-sequential ravings help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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