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    Hi All

    I’ve uploaded the final report on the Hub Pilot project in the Best Practice Library (NB: Look in the HUB DEVELOPMENT folder). I hope you feel inspired to take a look at see what we’ve learned…  The report includes feedback from the survey and progress against the objectives we set for the pilot. It would be great to get some feedback on this.

    Key points include:

    • The website functions well and the forum and best practice library are valued most by the group.
    • Participants value the secure (i.e. private) nature of the community and the connections with other like-minded (and expert) participants.
    • We’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work in terms of communication and collaboration on line, especially with a small group. In future we will maintain the web resource (and make some minor improvements) but put more focus into other mechanisms to create benefits.
    • The group sees the greatest near-term potential of the project as a way to identify and meet the needs of practitioners by synthesizing the knowledge in the group to develop outputs (e.g. resources, training opportunities) to support advisors. [The first example of this is the training Working Group that I posted about here]
    • Establishing QA (that reflects the collective knowledge of the group) will be a high priority in any future work.
    • Beacon, CEN and The Enviroschools Foundation are committed to the project continuing over the next 12 months (subject to budget and a work plan). They will act in a semi-formal governance role.


    In the coming weeks I’ll also be editing the site so that it reflects the current stage of the project.

    Thank you all for your participation and feedback on the site over the last 7 months. We’ve learned a huge amount which I hope we can continue to build on to create some very tangible benefits for this group.




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