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Sally Blackwell
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The idea for the Hub grew out of a workshop we ran in February this year and lots of conversations that have happened since. So here it is… just in time for Christmas!

At the workshop we wanted to find ways we could support independent advisors to be effective in a really challenging environment. One where there is little funding, co-ordination, or resources for advice but a pressing need for the type of change in New Zealand homes that a trusted, independent advisor can help bring about.

The workshop participants were people who in some way – through their professional practice – enable New Zealanders to access independent advice to help them improve their homes.

At the workshop we identified a gap in our ability to be effective: “the ability to connect, share experience, resources and training, and secure funding to improve practice”. There was a clear call for a “Hub” to create these connections and this pilot has been developed in response to that need.

So… for the next 12 weeks (Dec 2012 – March 2013) we have the opportunity to test out the Hub concept and figure out what is needed and what’s going to work best.  At the end of the pilot we’ll have an opportunity to reflect on the process and determine how we build on it. So you guys are the co-creators of the Hub.

We’ve set some objectives for the pilot and it will be my job to facilitate them being met through this site. This process will start early in the new year.

Hopefully you’ve already watched the video. So…

To really get us rolling please set up your personal profile and then leave a comment in the Updates and Feedback Forum. Tell us what you think about the Hub so far (about any aspect at all… the site, the pilot, the concept, anything…) and please tell us the top 2 things you’d like to see come out of this project. Feel free to add more if you’re feeling effusive!

Its going to be a bit quiet in here for a few weeks with Christmas and New Year upon us. However, in the new year (or in a quiet moment over the holiday if you’re really keen…) I invite you to come back and start Hubbing. Please participate fully and openly in discussions and share your knowledge and resources generously.

We all want to see positive change to New Zealand homes. Let’s see if the Hub is a useful part of the mix to create that change. Constructive feedback and debate is actively encouraged!

And all the best for a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.


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